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ETAS strengthens cybersecurity capabilities with acquisition of TrustPoint Innovation Technologies, Ltd.

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Design In Trust

Security Consulting: IoT and M2M communication security is a complex, multifaceted problem. While modern, standardized cryptosystems are sound, the problems with security systems usually arise through flawed implementations. Getting it right requires expertise in the security domain, operating environment, and knowledge of the potential paths of attack. TrustPoint Innovation’s security experts are available to help design and support your security requirements specific to your application and products.

Enable Trust

Security Software Toolkits: TrustPoint Innovation’s security toolkits are designed specifically for IoT and M2M applications. They perform all the security functions needed to establish secure and authenticated communications to and from IoT devices. Our virtual data room reviews highlight the advanced features and benefits of our top-rated security software. Experience the peace of mind that comes with robust encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and granular user permissions. TrustPoint Innovation’s toolkits are quick and easy to integrate and do not require any specialized developer knowledge around security.

Manage Trust

Certificate Authority: TrustPoint Innovation’s Certificate Authority (CA) is a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution designed to support large scale IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The PKI integrates directly with TrustPoint Innovation’s security software toolkits to enable fast development and deployment of certificates to secure comminications and provide authentication and digital signatures for millions of devices. TrustPoint Innovation’s CA is designed from the ground up for large scale deployments and can be delivered to the customer as an applicance or TrustPoint Innovation can provide as a managed service.

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