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TrustPoint Innovation develops innovative products and solutions to address the security needs for the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication markets including connected vehicles, smart cities, and critical infrastructure applications. TrustPoint Innovation solutions help customers embed the highest standard of security in constrained IoT devices while providing control over identities and authorizations. The TrustPoint Innovation team of experts in cryptography has pioneered the development of efficient security technology used in billions of smart phones, smart grid devices, and other embedded systems around the world today.

We Know Machine to Machine Security

The TrustPoint Innovation team pioneered the commercialization of efficient ECC security technology used today in a billion smartphones, Smart Grid devices, and other embedded systems around the world.

We specialize in providing cryptographic SDKs and a compatible managed certificate service for M2M applications. TrustPoint Innovation’s approach helps customers developing critical infrastructure applications embed the highest standard of security in constrained and mobile devices while maintaining central control over identities and authorizations. Unlike conventional security technology designed for relatively high powered computers running over high bandwidth Internet, TrustPoint Innovation’s ECC technology achieves the highest public key strength per bit, fits into the smallest of constrained devices, and supports an M2M certificate format specifically optimized to be small and efficient.

TrustPoint Innovation’s primary competitive advantages come from the expertise and experience of management and staff who are among the leaders in cryptographic research and implementations for ECC systems.

TrustPoint Innovation understands ECC technology and the intellectual property landscape for ECC extremely well, the team having been instrumental in inventing and patenting many of the now-standard algorithms that form the basis for modern public key systems. This knowledge is highly valuable in charting a course for future innovations.

TrustPoint Innovation has also brought together the critical practical knowledge for implementing effective software and services. The TrustPoint Innovation team has been responsible for the security systems underlying technology from dozens of global companies, including BlackBerry, the NSA, General Dynamics, Unisys, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Pitney Bowes, Oracle and Verizon. TrustPoint Innovation staff have developed and deployed commercial public key systems that have issued over 27 million certificates to date.

TrustPoint Innovation also employs leading experts in public key policy, an advantage that helps ensure our customers benefit from exceptional advice on certificate policies and practices. We participate in leading standards efforts for M2M security, for example in the NFC Forum where TrustPoint Innovation is currently the chair of the NFC Security Technical Working Group.

TrustPoint Innovation is applying these assets to the unique needs of the M2M market, where the technical constraints and high volume necessitate an innovative approach backed by uncompromising quality.

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