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The Connected Vehicle

The connected vehicle is a vehicle designed with direct access to the Internet, enabling automated links to all other connected objects, including smartphones, tracking devices, traffic lights, and other motor vehicles. The vehicle can now be considered a connected mobile computing platform.

Cyber security of connected vehicles is one of the biggest issues facing manufacturers today. Security is expected to become ever more critical and will start dominating safety and security telematics in the future.

Security becomes an even bigger concern with autonomous vehicles, and even more so with driverless cars, in which software and connectivity plays a much bigger and more critical role for the safe driving of vehicles.

These are the Facts

The Most Common Connected Vehicle Security Issues

Why is Connected Vehicle Security Difficult?

How Can TrustPoint Innovation Help?

Key Problems and Challenges in Securing the Connected Vechicle TrustPoint Innovation Solutions
Systems usually not built with security in mind upfront — Integrating security needs with security, and usability goals Design In Trust leveraging TrustPoint Innovation engineers’ security expertise during the design phase
Protecting functions that require multi-ECU interactions and data exchange; as devices and systems increasingly communicate, verifying trust becomes a fundamental problem Enable Trust via TrustPoint Innovation’s security and cryptographic software toolkits to ensure end-to-end trust points are established and maintained
ECUs and on vehicle processors are cost and resource constrained — Limited power consumption, processing power and memory TrustPoint Innovation’s security and cryptographic software toolkits utilizes strong and efficient ECC that is optimized for the smallest of embedded devices
Large number of vehicles; many ECUs per vehicle; and long service life combine to make managing and maintaining security difficult Manage Trust using TrustPoint Innovation’s Certificate Authority, an IoT specific PKI solution that ensures end to end trust points are maintained throughout the product life cycle. Our solutions also solve the key management issue and initial provisioning of security in devices within vehicles