Your Security Partner

One of the biggest challenges faced by LoRa™ service providers is the secure provisioning and storage of LoRa Device Keys providing strong authentication and activation of LoRa Devices in a scalable way on their network.

To support the exponential growth of billions of LoRa Device Keys in IoT products, TrustPoint Innovation Technologies has developed the LoRa Key Management Service (KMS).

TrustPoint Innovation LoRa KMS is a fully managed service for LoRa Networks simplifying LoRa Device Key provisioning and storage by manufacturers and service providers. TrustPoint Innovation LoRa KMS securely delivers LoRa Device Keys to clients and product manufacturers while offering service providers unlimited network scalability and guarantees that only registered devices are activated on their networks.

“Service providers do not have access to end user encryption keys”

“LoRa devices have the ability to roam across LoRa networks”

LoRa KMS Features

Fully Managed Service

Centralized Key Management

Server Provider API & Registry

Client & Manufacturing API for LoRa Device Activation

LoRa KMS Benefits

Improve your Network Security Posture using a proven life cycle key management solution to securely generate, provision, manage and store all LoRa Device Keys. LoRa Device Keys are never exposed and are reliably shared on your network with any client or manufacturer. Service providers do not have access to end user encryption keys.

Performance and Scalability of your network are enhanced by a fully managed cloud based key management service to securely personalize and activate any LoRa device on your network.

Brand Protection of your network is assured by the secure provisioning of all LoRa devices while guaranteeing only authorized devices are activated on your network.

Ease of Integration into the manufacturing process using a cloud based key management service and turn-key production ready appliances to personalize and activate any LoRa Device onto any network.

24 x 7 Support contracts safeguarding business critical network and manufacturing operations allowing you to benefit from TrustPoint Innovation technical support at any time every day.