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Connecting with customers through the tap of a phone on an NFC Tag could be the next big thing, but only if the system is secure. TrustPoint ensures your NFC applications stay secure and authentic.

We Wrote the Book on
NFC Security – Literally

As an NFC Forum member, we helped write the NFC Forum specification on security and certificates for NFC.

Learn about the NDEF Signature Standard.

NFC Signatures and Certificates

Need to develop a trustworthy application where the data on your tags can’t be spoofed? We can get you started in minutes with a free trial of authentic signed NFC tag messages. You enter the messages and we generate NFC standards-compliant signed tag messages for you.

Development Tools

You need security software tools for your client side and certificates too. We solve both sides of the problem. Learn more about our mSecure development tools.

Why Sign Tags?

Signed tags will give customers the assurance they can trust the source of the data that is on the tag and that the tag has not been tampered with. It will also let you put a time limit on the message so you can, for example, offer limited-time coupons or discounts on movie tickets.

You can issue limited-time signed messages too, say to support a short term sales campaign or other bonus offer. You select the validity period and when it’s over the signed tag messages will no longer be valid.

Designed to Scale

NFC applications may start with a small pilot, but their most distinguishing feature is that they’re designed to scale to large volumes. TrustPoint gives you intuitive tools to manage organizational identities and generate millions of signed messages simply and quickly.

Customers simply create an account with the TrustPoint CA, create a signing identity, and start generating signed messages. TrustPoint lets you choose the content to be signed, and how long it will be valid.

A New Era of Intelligent Goods

NFC applications are leading the way to enable new business opportunities and valuable services for consumers and businesses, and secure trusted NFC tags are essential for that. For NFC developers seeking to sustain long term benefits for themselves and their customers, TrustPoint spearheaded the new NFC Forum standard for secure certificates and is now providing interoperability testing and early adopter trials.

Unsigned tag messages can be easily faked, which will lead to a loss of consumer confidence. TrustPoint issues NFC-standard compliant signed messages and identity certificates for the NFC ecosystem. As a member of the NFC Forum who helped write the specification on security and certificates for NFC, TrustPoint can help you develop and deploy your secure tag application quickly and efficiently.

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