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Build trust in from the start with Professional Services from TrustPoint Innovation

Build Trust in From the Start With Professional Services From TrustPoint Innovation

You are a technology company. You build software. Not just any software. An integrated solution! A product directly embedded and tied closely to the underlying hardware, operating system and platform.

What if you don’t have all the expertise needed to get the product developed?

If you don’t have developers with the appropriate skills, you either learn what you need to know or you ask around. Maybe you can get away with getting your developers to figure it out. That is if you have enough time.

If your needs were more sophisticated, you’d hire for the right skills.

You’d never give up on your project or forego the feature you want.

What if the requirement or need is security? What do you do about adding security to your product? Leaving security out should not be an option.

Depend on the Right Expertise

You can’t learn security by reading a few books and Googling for answers. What if you need to implement encryption? Do you need authentication? How should you handle PKI? Do you need ECC? Certificates? Digital signatures?

Security is complex and takes time and experience (lots of it) with implementation. It means learning the pros and cons of each tool, operating system, file system, communications networks, hardware platforms and security approaches & methods. You can learn the simple aspects of security in a book, but there are lessons that can only be learned once you try to implement.

Here are just a few of the questions that need to be answered at every step of the way when developing a product:

  • When does it make sense to encrypt and when should you use an authentication mechanism?
  • Where do you get your keys? Where do you store them?
  • What part do certificates play in your application? Who needs them, how are they used and why do you need them at all?
  • Where are the holes? In your platform, the hardware, the network or even your compiler of choice?
  • Do you design for security or can you bolt it on afterward?

Lots of questions! Where do you go to get the answers?

At TrustPoint Innovation Technologies, We Know Security.

In fact, we invented the technology for securing communications on mobile devices. Chances are the security on your smartphone is a direct result of our work.

We are security pioneers. Our history is directly traced to the founders of Certicom – the company that pioneered security credentials for mobile devices. Certicom was acquired by BlackBerry, and the technology was licensed to other smartphone manufacturers. It forms the basis of the security that BlackBerry devices are renowned for.

Working With TrustPoint Innovation Can Transform Your Project

When you’re faced with the countless challenges of building a product, depend on us to provide you with the solution for security. Our job is to stay on top of the latest vulnerabilities in the most popular systems.

We understand what it takes to build an end-to-end secured solution and where to apply the right technology. All with a relentless focus on developing a solution that is appropriately secure and performs to the highest standards.

It starts with understanding your product and needs. Each solution is different, but the process is universal:

  1. Assessment. Determine any potential weaknesses
  2. Learn. Analyze and fix the vulnerabilities
  3. Get Better. Design and implement

With our background in elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), we are world-renowned experts in our field. That’s why we’ve been called upon to be a technical expert for the US Department of Transport as they build their requirements for V2V and V2I communications to be implemented by the automotive equipment manufacturers. We are proud to be building solutions today that will form the core of the vehicle-to-vehicle communications infrastructure in North America in 2020.

Put our expertise to work for you. What do you need to do? Not sure? We can help you figure it out.

  • Security Architecture Design
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Systems Integration (Hardware & Software)
  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Project Management
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • ECC Design and Development
  • Security Training & Knowledge Transfer
  • Custom Application Development

Contact us today to learn more about the professional services we offer:

  • ECC, PKI, Cryptography, Digital Certificate expertise
  • Threat Assessment
  • Systems Implementation
  • Systems Design
  • Security Requirements Analysis
  • Secure Communications Toolkit & Training
  • CA Services
  • General Security Consulting

Talk to TrustPoint Innovation. We are security experts and professionals. We understand M2M, V2V, V2I, IoT and Smart Cities technologies and industries to name a few. Plus, you’ll love working with our team. We are friendly and proudly Canadian! We can help you secure your products.

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