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A New Beginning — TrustPoint Innovation Joining the ETAS Team

David MacFarlane and Sherry Vanstone Shaking Hands

This morning we shared some exciting news that TrustPoint Innovation will be acquired by ETAS Canada, a subsidiary of the Bosch Group. This merger will help ensure we can continue on our goal of providing security for systems that will help keep people safe.

Joining ETAS means working with a company that shares the same culture, goals and values. We’ll also be working with some familiar faces that we know and respect — including Managing Director David MacFarlane and TrustPoint Innovation alumni, Rob Lambert.

ETAS is known for providing excellence in security for embedded systems through their subsidiary ESCRYPT. Together we can continue to make important inroads in securing connected cars, IoT, and smart cities.

The move to ETAS will allow us to continue to work with the agility of a start up. We’ll also enjoy the financial backing that will allow us to grow and expand to respond to the needs of this exciting and developing industry.

Scott Vanstone and I started TrustPoint Innovation because we recognized that the world around us was changing. We understood that there was a need for security, and that we could play a role in keeping information safe and trustworthy. Scott would be proud of the company that the TrustPoint Innovation team has built together. He would approve of joining forces with ETAS to help push our dreams even further and faster.

Thank you for joining us on our journey so far. Watch for more great things to come.

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