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TrustPoint Innovation Top 20

TrustPoint Innovation recognized as one of the 20 Most Innovative Companies in Canada

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been selected as part of the Canadian Innovation Exchange 2016 Top 20 program.

This program recognizes the 20 most innovative technology companies in the country. The companies were selected by a committee of technology experts and investors from across the country.

“The Internet of Things, and connected vehicles in particular, is an emerging and growing industry. The connectivity of cars offers incredible potential for improving our everyday lives, including making our roads safer,” says TrustPoint Innovation President and CEO, Sherry Shannon-Vanstone. “To reach its full potential, connected cars and all connected devices must be secure. Our team works towards this goal every day because we believe in security. The technology we’re building will help to keep millions of people safe – both on the roads and with the technology they bring into their homes. We are excited to be recognized for the innovative work we do.”

We’re thrilled to be in the company of some great past participants, including local Waterloo Region like Axonify, IGLOO, Miovision, Thalmic Labs, and Vidyard.

Want to learn more about TrustPoint Innovation and the experts behind the technology? Request a copy of How the TrustPoint Innovation Team Keeps our Tech Secure and read the full TrustPoint Innovation media release.

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