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V2V Security Myths Debunked

Would you feel comfortable riding in a driverless car? Groups that identify as The New America Foundation and Public Knowledge requested an emergency …

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Security and Smart Cities

Now that the term Internet of Things has taken root in our everyday vocabulary, Smart Cities is the next concept that’s bound to get a lot of attention. …

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The Future of Connected Cars: Planning for 260 Billion Certificates per Year

V2V and V2I Communication

Earlier this month, TrustPoint Innovation presented at ITS Canada’s 2016 conference. We provided an update on the Security Credential Management System (SCMS), the security infrastructure that powers the US Department of Transportation’s …

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IoT Funding in North America

Every great idea needs an investment to get it off the ground. Whether it is funding through the private or public sectors, these sectors should be …

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Government Officials and Device Security

Government officials need their electronic devices to be secure. Blackberry security has recently come under scrutiny from Shafiq Qaadri, a Liberal MPP

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IoT Security and Government Agencies

Are government agencies keeping up with technological advancements? The expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) has created numerous possibilities for …

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