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Opening Doors With NFC and ECC

We use doors every day to gain access to our homes, cars and offices. While lock and key mechanisms have evolved significantly, a certain lack of …

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Can the Consumer Join in the Battle to Prevent Counterfeits Using NFC?

Consumers search online for authentic products at the very best prices. Unfortunately, they have no way to tell if they are purchasing a knockoff. …

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Alibaba Group Sued Again Over Alleged Counterfeits

Despite efforts to combat counterfeits, Alibaba ecommerce websites reportedly “encourage, assist” fake merchandise.

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Three ways NFC tags can drive revenue opportunities

NFC tags are being used to build and strengthen products in a number of creative ways. Here are three that are top of mind at TrustPoint Innovation…

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Tag the World

I recently attended an NFC Forum meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland. On my last day in the city I hiked up to Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park. I highly …

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NFC Explained Through Infographics

I found some great NFC infographics to explain the technology. The first one is a comparison between RFID & NFC. It captures the differences nicely. RFID

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What to do with NFC Tags? An electronic business card

Most smart phones (sans the iPhone) are NFC enabled out of the box and can read NFC tags without installing any apps. Naturally early adopters will want …

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NFC use case: 2nd graders Set Up 25 Nexus Tablets in 3 minutes

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