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Phoenix the Tesla Has a Message for Car Makers

I could weep with joy. I’m finally home. Even though I kept myself busy tweeting my thoughts on Twitter, reading about the Kimye vs. Taylor Swift feud, and starting to work on my advanced mathematics degree, I am so happy to be home. …

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Phoenix the Tesla: Time on My Hands (or Is it Wheels?)

Hey everybody. The good folks at TrustPoint were kind enough to share their blog space with me so I could tell you about my story. My name is Phoenix. I’m a cherry red Tesla Model S. I love making …

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Tracking Baggage with RFID

No one is immune from losing luggage on a flight, not even the CEO of Alaska Airlines. Delta has a plan to introduce RFID luggage tags later this summer that they hope may significantly help with the issue. …

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A Behind the Scenes Look at How the TrustPoint Team Keeps our Tech Secure

Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Near Field Communication, Internet of Things and Vehicle-to-Vehicle — these are all emerging technologies that promise to improve our lives. Without …

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How To Get Signatures On Smaller NFC Tags

BlackSeal currently requires NFC tags with about 500 bytes of memory available to be able to fit a URL plus a signature on the tag. But is it possible …

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Cryptography in Transition: Leaving Behind Human Oversight

Cryptography has primarily existed to send secret messages, often political or military, between people. For the political case I’m reminded of the …

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Fake Goods Continue to Plague the Sports Industry


In a recent CTV W5 Episode investigators highlight the extent of counterfeit goods in apparel, memorabilia and event ticket markets. They highlight a …

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The New World of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices – The Invisible Threat to Privacy

As technology gets better, our lives are becoming more and more convenient. Eventually, technology won’t be a novelty. Convenience will be expected.

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Connected Vehicle Technologies and the Coming Personal Mobility Revolution

This is a guest post by Dr. Nady Boules.

V2V-V2I Communication

Thanks to a broad suite of new technologies, today’s vehicles are quite different than just few years ago. Our children’s vehicles will bear little …

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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Certificates Versus Traditional Certificates

Conceptually there is little difference between traditional certificates and new M2M certificates; both are intended to authenticate identities via a …

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Secure Authentication

In the last few years Machine-to-Machine (M2M) has seen widespread use and can be found in a variety of applications within the Internet of Things …

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M2M Security

TrustPoint is bringing to the market a solution specifically designed to provide users and devices connected to M2M end points the ability to securely …

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