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Interview with Cryptography and Security Experts: How the TrustPoint Team Keeps our Tech Secure

I recently sat down with their team of crypto experts, Dr. Robert Lambert (VP Product Development), Jay Gallant (Software Developer), Dr. Nevine Ebeid (Senior Embedded Security Systems Engineer), and Tony Rosati (VP of NFC Business Development) to discuss the security industry and the rapidly growing Internet of Things…

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Implicit vs Conventional Certificates

As devices proliferate and become more mobile, managing relationships between them is critical. Devices will move in and out of range of each other and can interact using wireless protocols and peer-to-peer connections, taking advantage of temporary or semi-permanent secure connections to share information and access services. There are many vertical applications for high level security using TrustPoint’s technology that can be implemented efficiently, effectively and conserve bandwidth. As a few examples, consider Near Field Communication (NFC), Smart Energy and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications…

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