FIPS Certification is important to industrial and government customers. TrustPoint can design your security systems to pass the most stringent requirements.

High Throughput & Efficiency

Conventional X.509 certificates are big and not designed for M2M applications. TrustPoint’s M2M certificate service achieves the smallest fully featured certificates to support large scale systems.

Quick Connections

When you have hundreds or thousands of networked devices, slow start-up handshaking times can introduce serious latency issues – taking minutes to hours to complete. TrustPoint can optimize your security protocols to improve network start-up times by 10x or more.

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End to End Solution

TrustPoint’s mSecure SDK handles the challenging parts of security implementation: security, performance, and the essential functionality for enabling trusted connections between your devices.

mSecure SDK

Operational Fit

TrustPoint’s mCA Certificate Service integrates with your existing concept of operations, letting you define the connections and trust relationships you want without sweating the details of certificate infrastructure.

mCA Service

Development Advantage

We help save time and take risk out of the security implementation in your projects. Your development team can focus on the big picture and rely on the SDK and CA Service to take care of secure communications.

Designed for Constrained Environments

For device manufacturers who need to secure their communications efficiently and robustly, TrustPoint’s security technology and certificate services make it possible to embed the highest standard of security in the smallest, most remote devices and still have centralized control.

Unlike conventional security technology designed for relatively high powered computers running over high bandwidth Internet, TrustPoint’s ECC technology achieves the highest public key strength per bit, fits into the smallest of constrained devices, and uses an M2M certificate format specifically optimized to be small and efficient. The TrustPoint team pioneered efficient ECC security technology used in millions of smartphones, Smart Grid devices, and other embedded systems around the world today.