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TrustPoint Innovation launches BlackSeal™ for the life-cycle management of secure NFC tags

WATERLOO, ON. — Mar. 04, 2015 — BlackSeal secure NFC tags enables a new era of intelligent goods and services.

The global trade in counterfeit goods – also known as knockoffs – has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Counterfeit good producers are duping customers, potentially putting users at risk and siphoning billions of dollars of profits from reputable manufacturers. Everything from high-end handbags to crucial aircraft parts has made their way onto the market. Now there is a solution to this problem for both the manufacturer and consumer.

TrustPoint Innovation today unveiled its trial web platform BlackSeal for the comprehensive life-cycle management of secure Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. Low-cost NFC tags allow consumers to engage with products using their smartphones and to test product authenticity. Manufacturers gain valuable user engagement analytics and can directly measure the effectiveness of their sales campaigns.

BlackSeal enables user engagement. BlackSeal secure NFC tags use URL redirection so that target landing pages can be changed dynamically by the originator for pre and post sales activity and promotions. They can even be used to offer additional product features. Analytics integration allows quick setup of A/B tests using redirection segmenting.

BlackSeal™ offers brand protection in three comprehensive ways:

  1. Cryptographic protection using NFC Forum Signature RTD 2.0 specification.
  2. Hardware protection — to prevent secure NFC tag cloning.
  3. Analytics protection — enabling users to identify attacks and neutralize cloning attempts in real-time.

About Near Field Communications (NFC)

NFC is short-range, low-power, wireless technology, available in most smartphones that enables consumers to interact with the world around them with a simple touch (or tap). NFC tags are low-cost passive memory devices that are powered directly by the smartphone when tapped. With no need to launch an app, NFC is fast, seamless, and easy to use. According to a major retail study mobile consumers greatly prefer using NFC to competing alternatives such as QR codes and Bluetooth beacons.

“NFC technology offers consumers a new way to interact with everyday objects using their Smartphones” said Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, President and CEO of TrustPoint Innovation. “BlackSeal is a platform to enable manufacturers to easily deploy secure NFC tags. They will be able to measure the lifetime effectiveness of their products and services directly through analytics.”

BlackSeal is free to use during the trial period. The trial includes a mobile app for subscribers to fully test its functionality including campaign creation, re-direction, writing and reading secure NFC tags.

About TrustPoint Innovation

TrustPoint is a trusted authority for secure Machine to Machine (M2M) communications in the Internet of Things (IoT). We provide both the mSecure™ SDK for building secure M2M applications and the mCA™ Certificate Authority (CA) for issuing device certificates. We specialize in enabling secure authentication of products and services within the M2M ecosystem, including IoT devices, NFC tags and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I).

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