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AutoTech Peer2Peer

This Peer2Peer group is intended to connect autotech companies with sensors, electronics, and software for the new smart auto industry.

Communitech’s Peer2Peer Network helps professionals in the Waterloo Region tech industry share challenges and lessons-learned in a friendly, informal environment. Peer2Peer groups provide an opportunity for individuals in similar roles, specialities, or functions to exchange advice and best-practices information. Communitech is a not-for-profit organization aimed at helping tech companies start, grow, & succeed.

Join us for the kickoff meeting of this brand new peer group with a focus on connecting companies in the space of sensors, electronics, and software for the new smart auto industry. See you there!


  • Bring together people complementary technologies
  • Opportunity to work together on projects
  • Look for ways to help each other
  • Create an automotive cluster here in Waterloo region

22 attendees:

  • OEM
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Tracking systems
  • Operating systems

Shared challenges from attracting talent
Quickly identified ways could help each other.

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