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What Will Uber Look Like in the Age of Self-Driving Cars?

Will Uber even be needed with self-driving cars?

We recently received this great question from a Twitter follower. We’re good at getting to the point, but keeping to 140 characters is pushing it.

The answer is yes… and no.

It’s safe to assume that self-driving technology will be disruptive. We can’t predict how disruptive it will be to the entire landscape.

Uber can be described as a personalized taxi service, which has been incredibly disruptive to the traditional taxi industry. Many experts belive that the industry as it is today will disappear in a few short years thanks to Uber.

It’s easy to envision a future with harmonized transportation infrastructures, where cars follow the best path from point A to point B. All traffic flows together with computer-controlled intersections, highways, and traffic management systems.

Self-driving automobiles will cause disruption to services that rely on drivers. Taxi and Uber, delivery and truck drivers may no longer be needed.

Will Self-Driving Vehicles Be Available for Everyone?

The regulations around self-driving cars are all still unknown. Current restrictions based on age, health and vision requirements may still be in place. Not everyone may be permitted to operate a self-driving car. Cost may be another factor as not everyone will be able to afford a self-driving car.

Uber, taxis and limos may be replaced with extremely short-term rentals. Perhaps taxi services will adapt or another service will come into play.

For the next couple of generations, there will be people who just won’t trust driverless cars and will insist on a human driver. Until everyone is able and comfortable sitting in the driverless seat, there will be a market for companies like Uber.

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