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Announcing BlackSeal – A new era of authentic goods

Today we are announcing BlackSeal – a new type of authenticity service. It solves the problem of adding provable authenticity to physical products.

We believe that immitation without license is destructive to the creators and innovators of the world, and want to help.

BlackSeal is applicable to both large scale production and small batch original works. Manufacturers can integrate the service into production using our web services. Small batch creators can use their phone to produce the same, cryptographically strong, hard to copy, authenticity tags.

Over the past year we have been working to help define new standards to make this possible. Our goal is to provide the strongest anti-counterfeit protection possible, while minimizing the per-item cost of production. This meant optimizing the way data is packaged, and utilizing modern cryptographic algorithms.

In past blog posts we’ve covered the negative effects counterfeit can have on industries, the proliferation of NFC, and the challenges of building security into new smart products. This is our answer to those thoughts.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon. Today you can
try it yourself.

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