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Near Field Communication (NFC)

My plan is to write about mobile wireless technologies & security. As the chair of the NFC Forum Security WG I come across many interesting opinions & views on how NFC is used and how it compares to other technologies.

While NFC is available on almost all Android, Microsoft & Blackberry mobile platforms, it has yet to capture the consumer’s attention in a big way. NFC is available on many new consumer electronic products to simplify the connection of your smartphone to another device with a simple tap. The NFC tap is usually a handoff to Bluetooth or WiFi without having to configure it manually. NFC enabled speakers, cameras and printers are now widely available. Apple iOS is the notable NFC holdout. Arguably the introduction of NFC in the iPhone would seriously drive NFC adoption.

If you have suggestions for articles please contact me and if your interested in NFC please join the NFC forum and especially the security working group.

Stay tuned for a discussion on Bluetooth LE and NFC. Why they offer very different user experiences.

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