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Preparing for the Future of Transportation

Advancements in connected and autonomous vehicle technology has led to widespread expectations that our roads will change dramatically in the next 15-20 years. Preparation is already underway, with Ontario being the latest jurisdiction to open its roads for testing.

Autonomous and connected vehicles will greatly improve road safety and efficiency. Taking human error out of the equation will allow for a significant reduction in accidents and loss of life, while improving the efficiency of how we transport both people and goods. Energy conservation is also expected to create a positive environmental impact.

For this vision to become a reality, an evolution in our transportation network is required. Preparation is needed.

In its latest white paper, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles — Preparing for the Future of Surface Transportation, HDR commissioned a slate of experts to provide a comprehensive overview of the future of the technology. The paper examines the current technology, along with a study of what we can expect in the future. The authors provide case studies for how these new innovations can be applied in the real world.

Read the white paper for a greater understanding of how this new technology will impact the transportation industry of the future.

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