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Three ways NFC tags can drive revenue opportunities

NFC Tags are being used to build and strengthen products in a number of creative ways. Here are three that are top of mind at TrustPoint;

1. Simplifying complex problems with direct physical interactions

NFC Tags are being used to automate increasingly complex situations, such as pairing with Bluetooth devices, joining WiFi networks, or controlling smart home appliances. Customers assume these interactions to be secure, and rely on them in daily operation. Using Secure NFC tags protects the customer trust relationship, where a single compromised experience could result in the loss of many current and future customers.

2. Understanding new aspects of customer behaviour

NFC tags on physical goods can provide insights into customer behaviour that has historically been impossible to track. ‘Tap Analytics’ provide manufacturers and service providers powerful new new tools for collecting usage data and behaviour on everyday objects. These new ways of measuring behaviour can be used to improve products and increase revenue potential.

3. Strengthening Customer Relationships and Feedback

Consumers have become accustomed to providing ratings and feedback about digital products, such as applications on App Stores. NFC tags embedded in physical products can provide a quick way for customers to provide immediate feedback, directly to manufacturers. This provides an opportunity for real time conversation and the ability to respond to the customer personally rather than in public forums.

The possibilities for NFC enabled products and communication tools continue to grow. Tap to register your product, get support, and participate in special promotions are excellent examples. The NFC-Forum product showcase and NFC world have many examples of in-market products.

Omitting tag security increases the possibility for malicious exploitation in all of the above examples. In future posts we will explore ways that Secure NFC can protect against attacks and preserve the customer trust relationship.

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