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BlackSeal Gives Valuable Insight Into Consumer Behaviour

Understanding the customer’s behaviour is key to the success for most manufacturers. Billions have been spent in research. Countless hours have gone towards studying behaviour.

What if manufacturers could gain insight into customer interaction that was previously nearly impossible to track?

TrustPoint BlackSeal makes it possible.

With the BlackSeal NFC tag, manufacturers now have a simple and inexpensive way to track and gain insight into customer behaviour.

Interacting with NFC Tags

An inexpensive NFC tag can be embedded into a product or on a sign that promotes a special offer. The consumer is encouraged to use an NFC enabled smartphone to tap the tag to get more information or to take advantage of a promotion.

The convenience of instant information combined with the reward of a special offer is an inviting way to get customers to interact.

Pre-Sales: Understanding New Types of Customer Behaviour

Ecommerce and digital marketing is changing consumer behaviour. Consumers read reviews, compare prices and can make intelligent decisions at a retail location using their smartphone.

BlackSeal NFC tags contain a URL that can be re-directed at anytime. A tap takes the customers to a site that includes whatever information the manufacturer wants to share:

  • Product reviews and information
  • Pricing details and comparisons
  • Special offers
  • Quick polls

The URL can easily be redirected, allowing the manufacturer to change the information or offer at any time or in response to any need. Manufacturers and retailers can run promotions and perform A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

Each time the tag is tapped, valuable analytics are returned to the manufacturer, without jeopardizing the privacy of the consumer, including:

  • Frequency of taps, which measures interest
  • Geo-location information
  • Date and time

Post-Sales: Strengthening Customer Relationships and Feedback

NFC tags make it quick and easy for customers to give immediate ratings and feedback about products and services. They can respond to surveys, send a message or open a chat session directly with the manufacturer. This allows for real time conversations and the ability to respond to the customer personally rather than in public forums.

Consumers can register their product with a simple tap. No need to enter product model numbers. Consumers can get important product notifications, post-sales support and new promotions, like loyalty programs or incentives to buy related products.

NFC tags can help with the return process as well. The retailer can check if the item was in fact purchased at that location.

BlackSeal NFC Tags: Security, customer engagement and many more ideas to come

We’re just at the beginning of what retailers and manufacturers can do with NFC tags. The possibilities for what can come are endless. Imagine tracking your lost luggage from an airline or getting instant loyalty rewards from your favourite brand.

We’ll look at more of these ideas, along with how manufacturers can get benefit from the valuable insights NFC tags can provide.

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