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Other Ways NFC Tags Can Make Life Easier

Lone Luggage
Photo by: Strange Luke, May 29, 2022

There are many examples where NFC tags can add new capabilities to products and services in addition to counterfeit protection and consumer analytics. BlackSeal can make the following possible:

  • Travel bags and luggage

    Have you noticed lately that airlines are increasingly charging to check your luggage? What are you getting in return? In 2012 nearly 1.8 million pieces of luggage were lost, stolen, or damaged by major U.S. airlines on domestic flights. NFC luggage tags can provide some peace of mind. If luggage is lost at an airport, a baggage handler can simply tap the luggage and the geo-location will be sent to the owner immediately.

  • Wine labels

    Wine collectors typically use wine cellar apps to review, record and keep track of their favourites. An NFC tag embedded in the label can be used to get information, ratings, check in/out wine into a wine cellar app with a simple tap. No need to take a picture of the label. Wine makers can use the label to test marketing campaigns in real-time.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Many consumers are concerned about drug usage, side effects, recalls, etc. An NFC tag on the container can be a simple way to provide information instead of additional documentation provided by the pharmacy.

  • Loyalty cards

    Consumers don’t just want a loyalty card for the sake of a future discount. New studies in loyalty programs show they want more engagement. An NFC loyalty card offers user engagement any time, not just in a retail setting.

There are many more examples. In a subsequent post I will show how BlackSeal analytics benefit manufacturers. Stay tuned…

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